Pink Blossom Heart Trees.

A windy day like today?

I came to visit; to say hello,

The aid6d8bbe3dbe26be4af2cf0865323498br was still and I sat,

I put my hands on your trunk,

A habit I have now with trees,

All was still and calm, as was I,

And the wind starts, now to pick up,

This wise nature; shows her divine,

So Slowly, unnoticed at first,

One by one pink blossom snow,

Started to take to the air,

She shows me a lovely display,

Diagonals in frontal of me,

The pink snow smiled my heart,

Delighted my eyes be; in just as her,

She put all her love up on my face,

She made a home within my soul,

And left the space for me in her,

Snow together we both chose us,

And pray we swim fore always,

Together in this lake of our,










Our world.

Our precious globe,

belonging to all,

owned by nobody,

No company!

No country!

We need to care for and cradle her,

just as she is swaddled here by water vapour and gravity!

Look at her,

Stop and look and truly see,


And again just look,

Be in awe,

Nothing more!

She thanks you,



Healing the Thinking Life.

The healing journey starts,
With a single step into your heart,
A pace at peace with courage and faith,
With a step of hope; finding belief,
All I can do for now is to trust,
To walk, move forward and be open,
Within the journey and belief,
A true understanding of purpose,
Will arrive as the moment of knowing…
How do I continue? To move forward?
When all I see inside me is fear and doubt,
Fear of how I want to be,
The positive,
Growing spiritual things,
Freedom from thinking you need!
Illusion it creates in a fear so deep,
Looks at it wrongly the thinking does,
Upside down it is!
The fear is not deep or inside,
On top is where the thinking puts it,
But there it is not!
Nor is it here,
Nowhere is where it is,
In reality it is nothing ignored it can be and thus dissolves,
Underneath it all essence be found,
The pure spirit,
The unity of being, the love…


My philosophy for life and love …

Freedom Together.

I would like to be free inside,

To just allow myself to be,

To let go of the thinking mind,

Judgements, ego, fear and doubt,

I will no longer scream inside,

I could have the courage to let it out!

I will trust in life, myself and love,

Let my soul shine throughout my heart,

Wisdom watching the thoughts pass by,

Let emotions flow and move outside,

Let tears fall; then laugh or sigh,

No longer any need for me to hide,


I would like to share this journey,

To feel safe, accepted and understood,

To have the bravery of honesty and trust,

Our souls will grow in freedom together,

Love within our roots and to our very treetops.



Parting- i share this with the world i hope it helps…


A blue shadow was cast today,

As we stood at your door,

A blue shadow has set today,

As we said goodbye to you,

And we realized, for now,

There would be no more.

Our hearts became heavy,

The smiles fell from our faces,

It dawned on us and drowned our souls,

For now, your love was gone,

It came to pass, we realised, and

Without you we would soldier on.

A blue shadow was cast today,

Again, across our world,

A Sun’s shadow has set today,

As again we said goodbye to you,

Deep within our souls we knew,

You will return again a-new.

This shadow of blues will change in hue,

The sky will lighten and kalliade,

Through beautiful colours of straw yellow,

Heart pinks, blood orange and into blue,

And your sun will shine within our hearts,

Again as it will always do…